The next generation weighted blanket is here.


Meet The Hug: Portable, Heatable, Weighted Goodness

The Hug uses the science of Deep Touch Pressure in a unique human shape to bring a near-immediate sense of comfort and grounding by calming your nervous system quickly, efficiently, and with almost zero effort on your part.

Bonus: It's scientifically proven, has no side effects, and feels amazing.

In a relentless world, self care should be simple.


Patent Pending Design

Effortless Self Care

Science Agrees


"My motivation to go on Tinder just PLUMMETED. ...Seriously this can just hold me forever, it's fine.

Leah A.

I feel like I'm being held in the arms of God...

Jordan R.

Oh man this is no joke. ...Like this thing is exactly what it says it is. This is not a drill. 

Carlton M.

I can never meditate and I just like, blasted off. How long was I in there??

Lila R.

I actually think I might overuse this it feels so good

David J.

That was the best sleep I have ever had. I was just so cozy. It was out of control. 

Latifah A.


Jackie L

The Many Ways to Love a Hug