Meet The Hug

The Hug is a streamlined and notably more satisfying version of a weighted blanket; its portable, multifunctional shape is designed to centralize the weight and cover the most vulnerable parts of the body while cutting out the extra bulk that can make a person feel trapped. And because it’s filled with fused quartz and can be warmed in the microwave, this might actually be the closest that you can get to a human hug, without the human.  
This design can be used for sleep and deep relaxation, but is also intended for conscious waking use, allowing your nervous system to rest down while you read or work on your computer or hang out with friends or Netflix and deeply chill. The Hug is intended to help you tune in rather than zone out, and consciously, effortlessly de-stress and uplift your experience. 
The Hug’s portable, multifunctional design provides steady, smooth pressure across the most vulnerable parts of the human body, where the majority of nervous system regulation takes place. Arms and lower legs are left unrestricted, allowing for the unique sensation of being deeply grounded and protected, yet free and mobile. This is an amazing combination for anxiety reduction. It also allows you to easily use the Hug while seated at a desk, lounging on the couch, meditating on the floor, snuggling into bed–or even as a part of a sensory deprivation experience.
The Hug is not only designed to hold you in just the right places, but in just the right way. Uniformly filled with tiny fused quartz beads that make 70% more contact with the body than the plastic pellets used in other weighted blankets, the Hug weighs in at a user preferred average of 14 lb so there’s no guess work involved. BONUS: fused quartz is quiet, compact, eco-friendly, and can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the refrigerator or freezer. 
Sturdy and durable yet soft and flexible, our 100% cotton canvas base is designed to keep its shape while perfectly molding to your body. Fused quartz beads are evenly distributed into 2" x 5” pockets (the smallest you'll find on any weighted blanket) for perfect balance and weight distribution. 
Our hope is for your Hug to be an unobtrusive but aesthetically pleasing accent piece for your home or office; we also intend for you to enjoy your Hug year round and not have to fuss too much when it comes to cleaning it. We've chosen our first round of cover fabrics to reflect that, and plan to offer an expanding variety as we evolve.
We found that the "10% of your bodyweight" concept was pretty arbitrary given variant sizes of blankets and personal preference, so our original design is based off an average of user's preferred weight. We landed on 14 lb which has satisfied most everyone who has tried it. No guess work involved.
The Hug was born from a desire to help stressed/anxious/scattered clients downshift out of stress response and into the safety and relaxation of "rest and restore" mode quickly, efficiently, and with very little effort on their part. I've also found that it brings a distinct and welcome comfort to those experiencing depression and/or loneliness. 
As a somatic psychotherapist I’m keenly aware of the mind-body connection, and have witnessed countless times the way a deeply-ingrained mental state can shift by altering the physiological “feeling state” that accompanies it. Weighted blankets have been part of my field’s toolbox for decades, but in my experience they simply weren’t designed correctly to accommodate all the ways in which Deep Touch Pressure can be useful in everyone’s daily life. To the contrary–clients often found standard weighted blankets cumbersome and overwhelming when used for anything other than sleep (and even sometimes then). Two years ago I began designing a solution, and I didn't stop until I'd made the most comforting, functional weighted object I could imagine.   
Once I began using the Hug with clients some requested it for the entire session every session. Other therapists started using it too, and found the same. Then we started using it on ourselves at home. Then our friends and family started using them and asking for their own. I think we can agree that there is significant stress and unease plaguing many of us these days; studies have found that over 80% of adults in the US report experiencing significant ongoing stress, and that it has increased notably in the past year. Not everyone can afford weekly therapy and other stress relieving practices like massage and float tanks, so having an accessible, easy to use therapeutic tool at home that is a one-time expense that keeps on giving is crucial.